Life Coaching

Clinics: Hampton

Practitioners: Jenny Wannberg-James

Life Coaching with Jenny

Our trained professionals can help you figure out what you’re good at so you can run with your talents and find new confidence to address life challenges. You can finally break free of those self-limiting thoughts you’ve been having over the years. Expand your life with the support of an experienced and accredited life coach

What clients say:

“Starting my own business wasn’t easy. I knew I really wanted to do it, but was afraid to try in case I failed. Jenny’s guidance was solid, calm and tailor made for me. I have recently moved from working from my home to renting an actual shop space as my business is steadily growing! I am well on my way towards my dream. I recommend Jenny warmly.”

Ian – London, UK

“I just wanted to say thank you for helping me move forward with my life, which was, despite having a good well paid job, company car and an expense account, I was very unfulfilled and came home with a sad face most days, and often drowned my sorrows by drinking and smoking too much. Through Jenny’s support and advice I was able to make some very bold choices and now find myself doing what I am passionate about and always loved doing in the first place.
I feel I have been given a second chance, the thought that I might still have been sitting behind an office desk in ten years time if I hadn’t come to see Jenny, fills me with dread.
Can’t thank her enough.”

Davy – London, UK

“I felt so lost when my children ‘grew up’ too quickly. All of a sudden they were not dependent on me any more. What was I supposed to do? Jenny’s coaching helped me to find my purpose in life again! I can focus on my children AND my self now. I am so happy I gave this a try.”

Marianne – London, UK

“After years in the same position at the same company within the recruitment business, I felt that I had to do something. I wanted to find new challenges and to work internationally. I also needed to find balance between work and family life. Jenny helped me to visualise my future career and gave me the tools to set clear goals and a concrete deadline. I took the next step in my life! Today I work for one of the biggest international recruitment companies with clients all over the world and I still have plenty of family time. Wannberg Coaching helped to get there. Thanks a million!”

Jonas – Stockholm, Sweden

“Jenny was amazing in helping me think past a problem and realising I could achieve my goals. Her guidance through exercises and conversation were totally invaluable. I’d highly recommend her.”

Dan – London, UK


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