Mind Calm Meditation

Clinics: Purleigh

Practitioners: Harriet Stack

Mind Calm MeditationWould you like to let go of the constant chatter in your mind? And, as a result, worry less, sleep better, improve your relationships, live more in the ‘now’ and feel more confident, calm and content?

When you learn the simple theory behind the Mind Calm method, you will come face to face with life changing insights and wisdom. Mind Calm provides you with powerful but easy techniques that help you to experience the benefits of meditation throughout your day as well as a simple and effective approach to closed eye meditation.

Our skilled therapist will guide you through the techniques and the theory so that you, too, can benefit from the sense of peace and contentment that using this method regularly can provide.

Mind Calm is ideal for busy modern people, especially those who find it difficult to stop or slow down their thinking. It is totally modern, with no beliefs to adopt, no awkward sitting positions and no chanting or visualisation. The full method can be learned in one day and continuing support is available afterwards.

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