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Looking for hormonal balance and alternative to HRT?

Somewhere between about 40 and 52 years of age, most women will experience the menopause. During the menopause, ovarian hormone levels decline, leading to a variety of physical and emotional symptoms. These include hot flushes, loss of confidence, nervousness and mood swings. Symptoms can precede the cessation of a regular period, often presenting as a marked increase in pre-menstrual symptoms.

The primary orthodox treatment is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) but this can increase the risk of ovarian cancer as indicated by research published 2nd February 2015 in the Lancet (ref. 1).

Increasingly, there is more awareness and understanding about HRT and concern about its potential side-effects. Alternative approaches are being sought with the focus beginning to move to natural therapies that do not have side effects.

Hilda Solomons is a medical herbalist and draws attention to research published (ref. 2) indicating that menopause symptoms can be treated safely and effectively by medicinal herbs.

Herbs can provide a gentle and effective approach to the menopause, supporting the hormonal and nervous systems. Many medicinal herbs and foods contain ‘phyto-oestrogens’ which can be used to enhance the body’s hormonal status. These phyto-oestrogens provide the body with their starting point for manufacturing its own hormones, helping to balance fluctuating hormonal levels. The herbs employed by medical herbalists when working with individual patients help to maintain a healthy hormonal system.
Hilda Solomons runs her own health & wellness practice here at Natures Medicine, she is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) and also a qualified nutritional therapist offering extra benefits for those women looking for hormone balance.

NIMH-registered medical herbalists are trained with similar diagnostic skills as mainstream practitioners but take a holistic approach to treating illness. Herbalists treat a wide range of acute and chronic conditions and frequently work in collaboration with GPs and consultants to achieve the best combination of treatments for individual patients.


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February 18, 2015
Posted by Bea Jung

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