Allergy Testing

Clinics: Purleigh Essex

Practitioners: Richard Hughes

If you suffer from one or more of the following: arthritis, gastritis, IBS, red blotchy skin, migraines or constant tiredness, your symptoms could be an indication that you have allergies or substance sensitivities.

A food/environmental sensitivity or intolerance can lead to symptoms such as:

  • Constant tiredness
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Skin conditions
  • Joint pain
  • Migraines
  • IBS, colitis, Crohn’s Disease
  • Bloating
  • Constipation or diarrhoea
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Running eyes and nose
  • Cramps
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Inflammation
  • Hyperactivity
  • Depression

A probe is placed on the acupoints of the fingers and toes and readings taken to test the organs of the body. One or two of these acupoints are then used to test sensitivities to various foods, chemicals, additives and vitamins. The test is totally pain free and does not involve the use of needles, blood or scratching the skin.

I offer various levels of testing:

(i) testing 30 of the most common air-borne and ingested allergens

(ii) as above, but also includes foods that you eat on a regular basis

(iii) you will receive a full report showing your sensitivity to the 217 foods, additives, metals, vitamins, etc. You will also be given advice on changes to diet, excluding the culprit foods and how to re-introduce them back into your diet.

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