Cranial Sacral Therapy

Clinics: Hampton

Practitioners: Barbara Salatino

Craniosacral TherapyCranial Sacral Therapy is based on the work of Osteopath, Dr William Garner Sutherland, who developed a new approach to osteopathy known as the ‘Cranial Concept’ in the early 1900s. He discovered that the skull’s bones and the fluids which surround the brain have intrinsic movements. Their natural pulsations reveal different rhythms and energy processes which influence the whole body and our health.

These rhythms can become restricted or inhibited in case of physical or emotional traumas, old or new injuries, stresses or strains. These blockages in the body natural rhythmic movement can build up in our body and contribute to making us feel unwell and create different symptoms.

Using a light touch on the body, the therapist can detect these restrictions and help to release them so that the body can begin to heal itself, to restore health and balance.

Who is it for?

As the treatment is so gentle, it is suitable for all ages – new-born, children, teens, adults, mums to be and new mums.

Cranial Sacral Therapy can help with stress, anxiety, general feeling of imbalance, headaches, migraines, chronic pain, difficulty sleeping and more.

For children and teens, it can help with anxiety, exams tension, ADHD, difficulty concentrating, sleeping, can help regulate the nervous system and more.

It can also help to support the system during and after pregnancy, and help babies with colic, reflux, feeding issues, constipation, unsettle, sleeping difficulties and more.

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